Good vibes for over 30 years

Founded in 1992, Maxill is a restaurant that has gained a reputation for its relaxed atmosphere, food and loyal clientele. Over the years, Maxill has established itself as one of the area’s favorite dining spots. We have always invested in a high level, both in food and in the service attitude of the staff and in a pleasant ambiance.

Ravintola Maxill tunnelmaa
Maxill soup

Honest, tasteful food

Our food philosophy is simple: tasteful and honest food made from the best ingredients. Portions are kept clear, and the focus is on flavor, disregarding trends. 

Ravintola Maxillin baari
Ravintola Maxill Alexander Gullichsen
alexander 'cadde' gullichsen

Alexander Gullichsen, restaurateur, chef and cookbook author, has been the owner of Maxill for almost thirty years. Alexander is still actively involved behind the scenes in the restaurant, participating in menu planning and acting as a quality monitor.

André ‘Anttu’ Ahlbäck

The daily operations of Maxill are led by the restaurant’s other co-owner, André ‘Anttu’ Ahlbäck. Anttu has been involved with Maxill from the early days, initially as a restaurant manager and later also as a co-owner.

Ravintola Maxill André Ahlbäck

"The restaurant is a neutral place where you can calmly stare at people. Read a newspaper or follow people's activities. You can see the restaurant as a living room or behave like a guest. Or you can just eat if you're hungry."

Maxill is a different kind of restaurant and bar. In the same hall, there might be a sailor drunk at sea with a beer, a a gentlemen's party in tailcoats on their way to a gala, as well as grandmothers with sparkling wine at a monthly girls' meeting.

Ravintola Maxillin tunnelmaa

Maxill has a good mix of different people, which creates a fruitful tension. Welcome!

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